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We are living in unprecedented times and we trust that you and yours are keeping well and safe. It is a blessing to be alive!  With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, billions of students across the globe are not able to attend school. In response, The Rainbow Academy is raising funds to create an online-teaching system, so that our students, who come from the most challenging socio-economic communities in South Africa, are able to continue with learning and are empowered to graduate in 2020! Students are currently not able to access the internet, access smartphones or afford data and funds raised will go towards getting these essentials to them.

We will also be creating an online, professional music, dance and drama channel for community engagement, thereby providing an alternative to the systemic influence of drugs, alcohol and gangsterism- a rife phenomenon in our densely populated communities where social distancing and healthy avenues of recreation are near to impossible. Please join us in our mission to raise R250 000 to equip 40 enrolled students, 10 diploma students,10 staff and the community at large, to keep learning, to keep teaching and to keep thriving in the time of Covid-19.

We are also engaging with communications, cell phone and tech companies to partner with us and are seeking assistance with marketing, fundraising, PR and promotion of this campaign. Please contact us if you are able to assist with any of these. We highly appreciate your investment and support!  The Rainbow Academy is a registered NPO, NPC AND PBO. Donations are tax-deductible and will assist businesses in achievement of their BEE targets. We are happy to discuss any further mutual CSI, branding and or market-related initiative.

Expresso Show TV Performance

We are getting ready for our live TV Expresso Show Performance. We join Cape Town today in remembering 50 years since the declaration of District Six with its heritage, legacy and the impact, after being declared a whites only area in the groups areas act.

We remember the pain, abhor the evil of racism, acknowledge the deep, devastation to humanity and commit ourselves to continue in true understanding and dialogue to heal our past together at #RainbowAcademy! See our Youth in action!

THANK YOU for helping us to secure 30 students scholarships for 2017.

THANK YOU for helping us to secure 30 students scholarships for 2017.

April was yet again an amazing month of performance opportunities for The Rainbow Academy to work with Cape Town’s top musicians, performing artists, stakeholders and social innovators. On the 18th of April, Cape Town Partnership launched their first “#CITYWALK SATURDAYS” initiative with a public walking tour of the City from Company’s Garden to St. George’s Mall and The Fan Walk.
The Rainbow Academy co-ordinated a magical line-up of “Street Theatre” performances that included top acts such as Master Magician Russell Fox and Fire Dance Group, “FireFly”.
#CityWalk 1
Our students performed as pantomimes; musicians and beautiful hostesses serving amazing treats and goodie bags sponsored by the surrounding St. George’s Mall businesses of Mandela Rhodes Place Hotel and Spa; Motherland Coffee and Doppio Zero Restaurant. We would like to thank these businesses, including the fashion house “Benger” for sponsoring our entertainment programme and affording us the opportunity to stage our “street theatre” initiative. We believe that street theatre performances will positively contribute to the attraction of our City and plays an integral role in job creation and the promotion of our artists, culture and heritage. We look forward to your support and seeing you in St. George’s Mall at the next City Walk happening on the 16th of May and 20th June.
#CityWalk 2
On Friday, the 1st of May, we had the honour of starting off the acclaimed 2015 UNOGWAJA CHALLENGE race from Cape Town to Pietermaritzburg with “Red Sock” Johnny McInroy and his team at sunrise in Cape Town. We lead out the first 1.4 km of the race in an amazing , flamboyant musical procession which started at The Southern Sun Hotel and ended with a soulful rendition of the National Anthem at The Grand Parade before the team embarked on their long journey.
The UNOGWAJA CHALLENGE is not just a “race” from Cape Town to Pietermaritzburg, but is a journey of inspiration, fun and togetherness born out of one man’s determination and spirit to follow his heart and participate in the Comrades Marathon. The Unogwaja Challenge commemorates Phil Masterton-Smith’s feat of 1933 by establishing a unique biathlon where participants cycle from Cape Town to Pietermaritzburg in ten days and then run the Comrades Marathon the next day with a significant emphasis on raising funds for chosen charities.
The UNOGWAJA CHALLENGE has been taken to new heights in 2015 with John McInroy and Rob Le Brun now completing the race “on foot” by walking from Cape Town to Pietermaritzburg” and then completing the Comrades Marathon in order to raise 2 million for charity. The pair hopes to complete this journey in just 30 days, including the 89 km Comrades Marathon at the climax.
We wish John and the #Unogwaja Team every success and salute him for being a mentor and inspiration to all of us at The Rainbow Academy, including our nation and generation at large! #Unogwaja is a growing legacy inspired by an incredible South African story of hope that we can all be a part of. Support the #Unogwaja Challenge now!

It seems to get busier month by month. The first term ended on a very high note (literally) as the students performed their end of year recitals to a packed house. It was by any standards an outstanding evening of entertainment thoroughly enjoyed by all present. Maybe our expectations were a little less because it was only one terms work but we were all in awe of the excellence, range and variety of the 10 different pieces performed on the evening. Well done to Denay, Mam T, the teachers and of course the hard working students on a really tremendous show. I look forward with great anticipation to the performances at the end of second term. We will keep you informed and if you would like to join us for the evening please let us know.
After a short break it was back to hectic action for the rest of April. Everyone was barely settled in when preparations began for the first #CityWalk Cape Town on our own St George’s Mall. This event launched the ‘walk’ as the latest one of the 7 Wonders of the Cape. It is an important tourist initiative putting the City Walk on the same level as other ‘Wonders’ such as Table Mountain, Robben Island and Cape of Good Hope. The Mall was turned into a street theatre for the day and The Academy students were the star performers. The #Citywalk Saturday’s will be once a month for winter so make sure you visit if at all possible. The preparation for the event included TV and radio interviews by the CEO, Denay and students.
An invitation from John ‘Schoops’ McInroy of Red Sock Friday Fame to lead out the Unugwaja walk from Cape Town to Durban brought the month to a frenzied conclusion. The students were generously hosted on the 30 April by Student at Home in preparation for the great excitement of the send-off walk at 6 am on May 1. It was a historical and momentous occasion. MamT lead from the front, as any great leader would! In the meantime it was studies and work as usual at school. Lots of good marks in first term but a few struggled. Efforts will have to be redoubled in the second term to keep delivering the performances and results the management and teachers demand. It’s busy, busy, busy but also intensely rewarding to see these young people learn and grow and get a real positive boost in their lives. Please remember we need help always, in any way you can. Our May fundraiser is The Vintage Sale on May 30. You can contribute by gifting goods for sale, donations or helping on the day. In any event come and support if you possibly can. Have a great month and if you are in Cape Town wrap up and keep the chills at bay. Finally, I would like to formally welcome our new Board members Rashid Toefy, Tony Elvin and Vaughn Fransch who bring a wealth of experience, wisdom and drive to the Board.’

The Rainbow Academy started our own arts & crafts recycling project last year by creating beautiful painted vases and table centre pieces from old wine bottles. These bottles are now in rooms at The Bantry Bay Boutique Hotel; The Protea President Hotel and TAJ Cape Town Hotel. All sales and proceeds have gone directly into assisting our students with school and travel fees and employing a full time project manager to grow our arts and crafts initiative.
Your support is invaluable as we take on the challenge of selling 500 painted bottles and also new pebble art designs to CSI companies; florist; gift stores and office parks across Cape Town and the CBD. Your contribution makes a huge difference to the lives of our students and organization. To order, simply contact us at or .

March was a fun-filled month of intense work and rehearsals with our students involved in professional performances for Infecting The City (9th Of March), The Cape Town Carnival (14th of March) and Ubuntu Festival (Human Rights Day, the 21st of March). Students had the opportunity to learn diverse performance routines and technical skills; to work with several directors and professional performers and to gain first-hand experience in the many hours of hard work and preparation required as a performers and crew members both on and off the stage.
“Infecting The City” is a vibrant and innovative annual public arts festival that transformed the City of Cape Town into a free outdoor venue from the 9th-11th of March. It showcased exceptional and socially-engaging performances that were free and accessible to everyone. Our students formed part of the #100Africanreads installation, performing excerpts from well-known African writers, books and extracts in amazing costumes and interpretations.
The theme for this year’s Cape Town Street Carnival was “ELEMENTAL”, a celebration of the natural forces of Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Space. Rainbow Academy students formed part of the Earth element in an energetic African dance and djembe drumming routine that laced the streets of Green Point from 19.00-23.00. It was a truly inspiring performance of sheer energy and passion!
We were also privileged to be a part of the star studded line-up celebrating Human Rights Day at this year’s Ubuntu Festival in Maynardville. The festival featured brilliant performances by students from Russia, India and America and also local groups The Ubuntu Boys; Amy Biehl Ensemble; Mi Casa, Chad Saaiman and Jimmy Nevis. Our students not only had the opportunity to perform alongside and meet these amazing performers, but were also inspired by cultural performances from around the world.

It’s hard to believe we are at the end of March, the first term is already at an end and winter winds its way slowly towards us. It has been a great summer in so many ways and the Academy continues to lay solid foundations, build the management team and adopt the courses provided to better serve the young beneficiaries we seek to serve.
Our core belief is that in making better lives for our students, that in turn will spread the message of hope and make better the lives of many more people. After a year at the Academy our students are stronger, more mature, more determined, more confident and very committed to building better lives for themselves and those around them. We try to equip them with the necessary life skills to do this, building their confidence and hope in the process.
The first term has been very busy with intensive classes intermingled with important public performances, which required huge input from both students and teachers. Superb public performances at ‘Infecting the City’, The Cape Town Carnival and the Ubuntu Festival of Music and Dance required a huge amount of rehearsals and administration, much of it outside normal school hours. Many weekends were sacrificed as everyone involved put in a huge effort to ensure the performances were a great success. The logistics of preparing 20 plus performers, the practice sessions, the transport, the sound, the logistics, required so much input from our dedicated team. A very special thanks to Denay and Mam T for their incredible efforts, to the office team and, of course, the students who did themselves and us proud.
As we come to end of term and a well-earned rest we look forward to recitals showcasing the first terms work on the 31st March, followed by a very well earned rest for the entire team. Please come and join us. We hope to see you there.

It’s been a hectic month at the Academy and the show is in full swing. Some 30 students came to the starting line a few weeks ago and were welcomed by the Board and staff at the start of their exciting journey. Denay our MD, has worked with her team in putting together a very exciting and challenging program from which we hope they will all emerge, stronger, more rounded, committed and well prepared for the next phase of their lives.
We have a multi talented, multi racial group of young people with a common goal of improving their musical talents, business and interpersonal skills, which in turn will enable them to either get work or continue with further studies at University level.
After intensive strategy sessions the Board has brought in a fresh approach this year which will be more performance based and we hope to see this group excelling across a whole range of activities in the months ahead. Indeed this process has already begun and besides their classes they are busy preparing for several big upcoming public events in the weeks ahead. These include, Human Rights Day performance in the March 21st Ubuntu Festival, performing in the Cape Town Carnival and also in the Langa Open Streets event, all happening in March.
It’s a very busy start to the year and it’s meant a lot of recruitment, with new teachers, part time staff and volunteers, and new instruments, books etc. We always welcome assistance of any sort so if you think you may be able to help either with resources, finance or inspiration, we would dearly love to hear from you.
There is much to look forward to as we see these enthusiastic talented young people battle to improve their skills and prospects. It is exciting and rewarding and we hope you will stay with us on the journey and join with us whenever, however or wherever you possible can.

We are so excited to be taking part in this year’s Cape Town Carnival, Cape Town’s biggest street party happening on the 14th of March at the Green Point Fan Walk. The Cape Town Carnival is a glamorous celebration of African identity showcasing the diverse communities and cultures of our country. The theme for Cape Town Carnival 2015 is ELEMENTAL: Celebrating Fire, Water, Air and Earth. The unstoppable forces that shape us and our environment. A colourful parade will introduce the audience to astounding giant floats, wacky puppets and amazing speciality acts carefully designed, decorated and choreographed to embody the ELEMENTAL theme. Rainbow Academy students form part of the Earth element in an energetic African dance and djembe drumming routine.
Date & Time: Saturday, 14 March 2015 from 16h00
Venue: Green Point Fan Walk
Ticket Price: Free
For more information on the Cape Town Carnival, go to or tune into our Facebook page (The Rainbow Academy) and Twitter (@Rainbow_CT) for more details on our performances. We look forward to seeing you there!
We are also working on our performance for the Ubuntu Festival 2015 which takes place on Saturday, the March 21, at Maynardville. The day will open with a cultural showcase featuring students from a variety of European countries and local performers. There will be a hot rock show from 2pm onwards, ending with Mi Casa and topped off with DJs until 5pm.

We thought to do a recap on a few basic facts about The Rainbow Academy for the benefit our new subscribers, supporters and friends.
The Rainbow Academy is a South African not for profit School of Performing Arts and Business (NPO) that runs a one year skills training and work programme in the music and performing arts industry for youth, aged of 17-25 years old. The Academy was established in June 2010 at Mandela Rhodes Place in Cape Town. 30 Students are enrolled each year and complete a one year training programme with exams, qualifications and work experience in music, musical theatre, business and hospitality. The programme runs from February to December 2015. Students are equipped with the necessary skills to pursue studies at higher education and/or to work in the Performing Arts and Creative Industries.
2015 Training Programme on Offer:
• London Trinity College Music Examinations: Grade 1-3/4 (NQF Level 3)
• London Trinity College Group Musical Theatre Examinations: Grade 6-8 (NQF Level 3)
• Rock School, SA Music Examinations: Grade 1-4 (NQF Level 3)
• Music Theory: London Trinity College: Grade 1- 3 (Rainbow Academy)
• African Music (Rainbow Academy)
• Business Skills Training (The Business Place, Ekapa)
• Hospitality Training (The International Hotel School)
• Life Skills Training (Cornerstone College)
Student Requirements:
• Have matric
• Are between the ages of 17-25 years old
• Must be talented in Music or Musical Theatre (must be able to sing, dance and act)
• No formal training required
• Must be able to commit to full-time studies and work
• Must have proof for financial assistance
• Be strongly motivated to work and pursue a career
• Successfully pass an interview and performance audition
Board members:
Honorary Chairman: Frank Gormley
Directors: Urs Lanz, Delecia Forbes, Vaughn Fransch, Denay Willie (CEO); Simphiwe Mathebula Board Members: Tony Elvin; Bob Rightford
Staff Members:
Academy Principal: Thenjiwe Mgedesi (Mam T)
Assistant Programme Manager: Charl Clayton
Arts & Crafts: Leroy Sias
Office Administration: Emily Bruce
Office Support: Sharmela Bhaga (Volunteer)
2015 Sponsors and Supporters
• Eurocape Holdings
• Distell Foundation
• SAMRO Foundation
• Kallvest
• Mandela Rhodes Place Hotel and Spa
• Xgen Management Services (Pty) LTD
• The TAJ Hotel, Cape Town
• Ogilvy & Mather
• Active Ice
• The Bantry Bay Boutique Hotel
• Woolworths My School Beneficiery

Volunteers interested in teaching music; dance; drama; and life skills, or being involved in our 2015 programme, performances and fundraising events can contact Thenjiwe at or call 021-4881160.
You can support the Rainbow Academy by:

  • Donating an hour of your time each week as a mentor, coach, volunteer or student teacher in our business, life skills, music, drama, dance or fundraising programme.
  • Donate your musical instruments.
  • Sponsor a student.
  • Become a Programme Sponsor.
  • Book a corporate show or entertainment with us.
  • Adding The Rainbow Academy as your Woolworths MY SCHOOL beneficiary.

If you already have a My School card simply go online and make “The Rainbow Academy” your beneficiary. You can have up to 3 beneficiaries on your card. For more information, simply go on Woolworths My school card website.

The Rainbow Academy has been blessed with the addition of one more volunteer, Charl Clayton, a graduate from the University of Stellenbosch who has committed himself to a year’s volunteer work and community outreach at the academy. Leroy Sias, a young entrepreneur from Hout Bay, was a volunteer at Rainbow Academy for a full year in 2014 and is now officially employed at Rainbow Academy heading up our recyclable arts and crafts project. Isn’t this amazing? We thank Leroy and Charl for their hard work, commitment and example of “youth in action” leading positive change in our communities and city.

We have a jammed pack month of performances in February and March with our crew involved in several performances in and around the city. Our performance line-up includes performances at The Iziko Museum Open Day (The 26th of February), The Cape Town Carnival (March the 14th) and a musical collaboration with star Norwegian artist, Arne Hjiorth (26th February-6th March). Please keep an eye on our Facebook page (The Rainbow Academy) and Twitter (@Rainbow_CT) for more details on our performances. We look forward to seeing you there!

The Rainbow Academy welcomes with great joy and anticipation our new class of students for 2015! We are enrolling 20-30 new students onto our programme this year, with students completing a year’s training and exams in music and musical theatre, also business and hospitality. We celebrated the success of 15 graduates last year and wish them every success in all their plans and endeavours. We have no doubt that they will go on to achieve their goals and heart’s desires and we will be tracking their performance and career developments each month. So watch this space! Please also see our website for more information on this year’s programme and activities; how to register or enrol and how you can get involved in our training and mentorship programme. We look forward to a great year at The Rainbow Academy and welcome you on-board!

Well it just flew by, didn’t it? There we were, looking forward to the Festive Season with great expectations, and here we are at the end of January 2015, wondering where it all disappeared to. Isn’t that just the way life goes? Month by month, year by year, they go by in a flash. Another birthday, another new year, another holiday, so let’s make this one really special.
The Board was busy over the break, strategizing and discussing ways forward for the Academy. We were hosted by our new Board member, Tony Elvin, at his HQ in Langa. There we debated and planned for the day about what directions to take in 2015 and beyond. Some great ideas came from the process, which have since been set out for immediate implementation.
A lot of events transpired in recent weeks which truly highlight the need for bodies like the Academy. Society, and our youth in particular, are in a very difficult place, socially, morally, personally, lacking hope and direction even where opportunity exists. There is a sense of hopelessness which leads to poor self-worth, allied to a total lack of confidence, self-belief and the will to change things for the better. Corruption and violence are undermining society.
Changing this is a difficult task, but it can be done. Not by the few however. Far more, in fact all, companies and those with the means, either skills or financial, must step outside their comfort zones, get stuck in and stop blaming and waiting for everyone else to do something.
So dust off your New Year’s resolutions, get out the debit cards, allocate some of your time to come assist us and have a lot of fun and personal reward in doing so. Many people do nothing out of shyness or even fear. Let’s dump these for 2015 and work together at every opportunity to bring about sustainable change, impact people’s lives in positive ways and lead by example so others, many of them, will join and drive the change and betterment which is waiting round the corner.

It has just flown by, another year gone, and now it’s the Christmas rush. Our graduation ceremony was a really special event with a great and enthusiastic attendance and wonderful performances from our 2014 students. It’s very hard to measure success in the educational sphere, especially in our field but this year’s students have certainly grown and matured in a very meaningful way. It has not been easy for the students either and it is not meant to be. Our aim is to train and equip them to better face the challenges, to seek out and avail of the opportunities that lay ahead and to be committed and resolute in building their own lives and those they touch.
It has been a tough year at the Academy but one that has seen more solid foundations laid, providing a strengthening base for the challenges and further growth ahead. There are many plans being worked on at present, new programs for next year, a possible change to two, six month intakes, more sponsors and work partners coming on board and lots of expertise and enthusiasm from our brilliant team of management, staff and volunteers.
Just as the old year ends a new one begins and the work starts all over again. The recruitment drive is in full swing and auditions have already been held with more to come. The support from our sponsors and friends is growing all the time and that is probably the most encouraging and exciting thing for us. That is our oxygen; it gives us the encouragement we need to continue what is a very challenging journey. It is one full of twists and turns, risk and reward but ultimately very satisfying in making a difference to young people who desperately need support, guidance and learning.
Please stay with us through 2015 and beyond, help in any way you can, advice, financial, mentoring, whatever you can. We truly appreciate it all. YOU make a difference and help bring new hope.The more we all invest, the greater the change and the better all our lives will be.
Thank you all so very, very much. Happy Christmas,happy holidays and a very healthy and happy 2015.

2014 highlights

Rainbow Academy had an incredible 2014 and we would like thank you for sharing some of these amazing moments with us!

SOUNDS FRINGE 3 (2)Rainbow Academy was at the helm of the first ever Sounds Fringe Festival that rocked the city from Thursday the 27th of March – Sunday, the 30th of March. The idea was the brainchild of Rainbow Academy Chairman, Frank Gormley, who alongside Denay Willie (CEO Rainbow Academy) and Vaughn Fransch (Director Rainbow Academy) worked together with a phenomenal team of sponsors, media and artists to stage this historic music festival in the city.
The Sounds Fringe Festival featured over 40 artists in 60 shows over 4 days across 10 different venues in the city. Stages were set up in museums, cathedrals, churches, pubs and restaurants at venues such as The TAJ Hotel; Mandela Rhodes Place and Spa Hotel; The Twankey; The Crypt; Iziko Museums; The Slave Lodge and St. Georges Cathedral with performances from 12pm-10pm each day.
The music was an eclectic mix of blues, rock, jazz, folk, fusion, pop, urban and traditional township and Goema music and featured 40 of Cape Town’s Top Musicians including: Farryl Purkiss, Alvin Dyers, Errol Dyers, Tete Mbambisa, The Rudimentals, Jeremy Olivier, Emily Bruce, Saudiq Khan, Albaire, Hassanada’s, Beatenberg, Sterling EQ, Reza Khota, Francesca Biancoli, Amanda Tiffin, Spencer Mbadu, Gerald Clark, Amy Campbell, Sui Generis, Adamu, Philip Malan, Kanimambo, Nick Turner, Blackie Tempi , Touchwood, Dan Shout, Manny Walters and many more.

July was an opportunity for us to pay homage to the life and legacy of our great leader, Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela. We celebrated each day being mindful of the principles Mandela stood for and spread the Spirit of “Ubuntu” through our July Winter Drive Campaign and Special Mandela Day Performance.
We collected a total of 607 donation items for the homeless in our July Winter Drive Campaign with the CCID;students celebrated the birthday of Mandela in song and dance with special performances of South African music at Mandela Rhodes Place Hotel and Spa.

40 Rainbow Academy students took part in performances at the National Art Gallery, Slave Lodge and Iziko Museums for Heritage Day. As part of Seniors Month in September, we also undertook special performances at St. Mary Magdalene Senior Citizen’s Club and Lilly Haven Old Age Home. We loved spending time in the community, bringing smiles, joy and hope to many who appreciated our musical talents and time spent with them.

ALSO: RAINBOW GOES GREEN :Rainbow Academy goes green making our own new recyclable arts and crafts for sale at St. Georges Mall Earth Food fair. 100% of our products are green, designed by our students and go towards students school fees.


We achieved 100% pass rate for our 8 students entered into London Trinity and Rock School Music Examinations this October. These exams are internationally recognized and accredited. We would like to thank our teachers, staff and students for a brilliant job!

We are so proud of our 15 graduates, who officially received their Rainbow Academy training certificates, also business and hospitality awards at our 2014 graduation ceremony held on the 29th of November. We would like to thank all our guests, sponsors and programme partners for attending the evening and making it such a memorable occasion.
1. TOP STUDENT AWARD: Most Outstanding Work, Commitment & Overall Achievement : ODWA BONGO
2. TOP APPRENTICESHIP AWARD: Most Outstanding Work & Overall Commitment: KWAKHANYAMAHLATHI

The Rainbow Academy had the awesome opportunity to be involved in this year’s COLOR RUN; an annual 5km run that takes place each year in the city. Described as “The happiest run on the planet”, we jumped at the chance to be a part of the colourful crew and street entertainment that cheered on the runners and spurred them on to the finish line.
We would also like to extend a big thank you to The Scripture Union in Park Road, Rondebosch, for inviting us to participate in their Market Day on the 1st of November 2014. We raised almost R1000 at our Vintage Clothes and Arts & Crafts table and thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this family day and praise. We hope to be a part of these great events again in 2015 and thank the organizers for including us in their team!
Caption 3 a. 1st November Vintage Sale
Caption 3.c Color Run

The Rainbow Academy achieved 100% pass rate for 8 of our students entered into London Trinity and Rock School South Africa Music Examinations this October. These exams are internationally recognized and accredited. We would like to congratulate our teachers, staff and students on their brilliant work and results and also thank our chairman, board and all our sponsors for their on-going support and investment.
Rainbow Academy Final Student Exam Results for 2014

Rainbow Academy Student Examination Grade Mark achieved
Charlotte Figlan Vocal Rock and Pop London Trinity Exams 6 Distinction
Liesl Katzen Vocal Rock and Pop London Trinity Exams 7 Distinction
Odwa Bongo Male Vocal Rock and Pop London Trinity Exams 7 Distinction
Enslin Maarman Drums Rock School SA 2 Merit
Azizo Mtshabe Classical Piano Rock School SA 1 Merit
Angus Swarts Drums Rock School SA 5 Merit
Lucien Parenzee Bass Guitar Rock School SA 5 Merit

Caption 2 Student Final Exams Results Pic

It’s hard to believe we are at the end of another year, exams successfully completed and a new recruitment drive in progress. Congratulations to all involved on the excellent results. It’s a time for reflection and we at the Board in the Academy will be doing plenty of that. We evaluate the success of our work not just on the exams, but particularly on how our students have grown personally during the year.
A big part of our program is to have them better prepared for the challenges of life, have better work ethos, more determination, reliability and able to become future entrepreneurs and leaders in society. In some that comes quickly, in others it’s a slow burner, so we may not see the impact of our work immediately. We do hope they are all stronger better people, better performers and more confident to deal with the challenges life places in front of them.
Crime is a terrible scourge in our society, linked strongly to excessive alcohol and drugs. Every day we hear horror stories, and hardly a day goes by that crime, large or petty, does not affect our lives in one way or another. Even this month a group of our students were attacked and robbed on the way to an event. All across society we have to stand up to crime, be clear on what is right and what is wrong, set out our values on how we should live, how we deal with other people and live by the old adage that honesty is the best policy. It is time for everyone in one voice to say we have had enough, reset moral and life standards for society and instil them strongly in our children and youth. To do that, of course, we must also live by them.

A reminder that you can support The Rainbow Academy by adding us as a beneficiary to your WOOLWORTHS “MY SCHOOL” CARD.
Follow the 3 easy steps to make The Rainbow Academy your beneficiary in 3 easy steps:
1. Collect an application form from any Woolworths Store OR do it online.
2. Make “THE RAINBOW ACADEMY” your beneficiary
3. Then simply swipe your card when buying from the following stores:
• Woolworths
• Toys R Us
• Walton’s
• Engen
• Altech Netstar,
• Reggies
• Quick Shop
• Jack’s Hardware
• Supa Quick
If you already have a My School Card simply go online and make The Rainbow Academy your beneficiary. You can have up to 3 beneficiaries on your card. For more information, simply go on Woolworths My School Card website.

As of the 15th of October, applications for student enrolments into the Rainbow Academy 2015 academic programme are open. Application forms are available online or can be requested from us. For more details see our website or contact Sharmela at 021-4881160.
Volunteers interested in teaching music, dance, drama, and life skills or being involved in our 2015 programme, performances and fundraising events can contact Denay at or 073 3889570.
How you can become involved:
• Donate an hour of your time each week as a Mentor, coach, volunteer, student teacher in business, entrepreneurship, life skills, leadership hospitality, tourism, music, drama, dance and volunteer areas such as counselling, psychology, medical support and skill training
• Become involved in our fundraising , performance and events teams
• Donate musical instruments
• Book a corporate show or entertainment with us
• Assist in securing a lead corporate sponsor, individual sponsor or sponsor a student
Picture 1 for how to become involved

We are going GREEN! The Rainbow Academy is thrilled to announce that we will be making and selling our own arts and crafts from recycled materials at our market stall each Thursday at the St. Georges Earth Food Fair Market. Our aim is to help save and protect our planet so we are using recycled items such as jam jars, wine bottles, bottle corks, beads, paper, off cuts of timber etc. to make beautiful candle holders, flower vases, holders and “jar frames” that can be used creatively or functionally in your home. These products will be sold on our website and also at the market and
100% of our proceeds go to our beneficiaries at The Rainbow Academy.
We have also started a new RECYCLING DRIVE and partnership with work for you with this initiative and are collecting as many recycled items such as bottles, jars, paper and corks from our communities and the public… Anything green! If you would like to become involved in this project or would like to drop off your recycled material with us, please contact Sharmela at 021-4881160 or email

The Rainbow Academy had the privilege of celebrating Heritage Day through musical & cultural performances at the National Art Gallery, Slave Lodge and Iziko Museums on Heritage Day, the 24th of September 2014. Our performance team comprised 40 youth involved in musical ensembles; African dance groups, the marimba band and many of our youth performing their own music compositions and poetry in celebration of Heritage Day. September month was also “Seniors Citizens Month” with our students giving of their time and talent to perform at The St. Mary’s Magdeline Senior Citizen’s Club and Lilly Haven Old Age Home. Our visit brought much smiles, joy and tears to many of our senior citizens who enjoyed participating in song and dance with our students and appreciated the time we spent with them.
Picture of Heritage Day

It is hard to believe that October is upon us and we are in the final quarter of 2014. We are nearing the end of another school year and exams are nearly here. The exams are important as a test of the professional progress of our students. They provide tangible evidence of the skill levels achieved, the hard work, the teaching, the practice and the commitment to be better.
What does not show up in the exams is how the people involved have changed. Central to our mission at the school is to support our students, our extended family, to be stronger, better equipped to deal with life, more employable, more dependable, more determined, more creative. How do you measure that? The difficulties our communities face in this area are South Africa’s greatest challenge. In a rapidly changing world, the education system is ill equipped to provide the skill levels required to face the challenges of life for the majority. Things are improving but slowly and a far greater effort needs to be made to support our young people in a substantive and real way.
We all like a party and so we should. The challenges faced by our young people in the drink and drugs scene is, however, at critical level. Heavy abuse of both is endemic in society and brings with it hardship, crime, fear and hopelessness. We see and hear first-hand evidence of it almost daily. Lack of opportunity and hope is a major issue leading to low self-esteem and self-worth. Lack of role models and advice on how to overcome problems is equally challenging. These are areas that we seek to address head on at the Rainbow Academy. Support, friendship, unity of purpose in facing the challenges of life, making better decisions, finding solutions, never giving up, finding a way to overcome the hurdles and fears of life with a determination and positive mind set. Equipped this way you can move on in life believing in yourself, making opportunities and dealing effectively with the problems. How do you examine that?
We need to help more young people in this way and we need more people taking on the responsibility of helping, sharing, supporting and giving a leg up. If you can you should. I wish all our pupils the very best in their exams and I am sure they will do very well. More importantly I wish them success and happiness in everyday life, a harder and bigger exam they face in the months and years ahead. The opportunities are there for those that bravely face the challenges head on and never give up.

A big thank you to all those who supported our July Winter Drive Campaign with the CCID. It was a phenomenal success with a total of 607 donation items collected in just under two-weeks for the homeless in Cape Town. We are proud to be a part of such excellence in community service and outreach and thank you for doing your bit to change the lives of those less fortunate.
Here is our tally on donations collected for Winter Drive Campaign:
Mandela Rhodes Place Hotel and Spa
• 68 Pillows
• 67 Pillow cases
• 67 Tins of Baked Beans
• 67 Packets 2 minutes noodles
• 17 Boxes of Soup (4Packets per box)
• 88 Jerseys
• 68 Tops
• 47 Skirts
• 27 Pairs of shoes
• 55 Pants/Trousers
• 26 Dresses
• 18 Shorts
• 12 Mens underwear
• 25 Ladies underwear
The Bantry Bay Boutique Hotel
• 4 boxes of soup
• R536.60 in cash donations
The Protea President Hotel
• 8 Blankets
• 10 Pairs of shoes
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As of August, we are pleased to announce that The Rainbow Academy is officially a beneficiary of the WOOLWORTHS “MY SCHOOL” CARD.
Please support us by follow the steps below to make The Rainbow Academy your beneficiary in 3 easy steps:
1. Collect an application form from any Woolworths Store OR does it on line.
2. Make “THE RAINBOW ACADEMY” your beneficiary
3. Then, simply swipe your card when buying from the following stores:
• Woolworths
• Toys R Us
• Waltons
• Engen
• Altech Netstar,
• Power
• Reggies
• Quick Shop
• Jack’s Hardware
• Supa Quick
If you already have a “My school card” simply go on line and make “The Rainbow Academy” your beneficiary. You can have up to 3 beneficiaries on your card. For more information, simply go on Woolworths My school card website.

Hi to all our RA friends and particularly to all the women who I hope are having a really special Women’s month and we hope you celebrated Women’s Day in style. There is no doubt the role of women in SA is gathering momentum and this is really a wonderful thing and a matter of great hope for all society in this great country.
What women bring most of all is a common sense, compassionate and practical approach to things which very often men just don’t understand or respect. The woman’s role in the family, in supporting, rearing, managing, making ends meet, prepares them for many of the challenges life brings. In a country struggling with so many personal challenges, a society struggling to cope with post apartheid development, women and their progression gives a huge beacon of hope, a shining light, one which can, indeed must continue to grow and brings hope and real positive change for the better.
The Academy itself continues to grow and learn and the strong presence of great women is a real bonus. Their determination and enthusiasm, commitment and energy, compassion and love is the driving force that is the bedrock of all that happens.
We and they always need more help so all of you out there, if you have some ideas, some free time, some good advice, some doors you can open or just some love to give, the Academy doors are open and waiting for you to walk through. We would all welcome you with open arms.
Thank you all for your continued support.

As the winter makes way for spring we at the Academy have a spring in our step. There is always so much to do, so much to learn, so much to improve on that there is no time for resting on our laurels.
So many people continue to give generously of their time and in kind but of course we always need more. The challenge that faces not just us but South Africa is as great as it is daunting. As we work away in our labour of love, trying to make a difference, we want to reach out to others, build a larger team of supporters, generate a powerful group capable of leading the change so desperately needed in our society.
Everyone must help in one way or another and the level of that contribution must be meaningful and as much as you can possibly give, in whatever way you can. If you don’t join the army, contribute to the change, seek solutions and work on them then you are part of the problem and I am sure you do not want to be there. So come join us, help in any way you can, live it, love it, make a difference and bring great joy into into your lives at the same time.
Health and happiness to you all,
Frank Gormley, Chairman of Rainbow Academy