About The Rainbow Academy

The Rainbow Academy has been in operation since June 2010 and has mobilized over 400 scholarships, internships, jobs and mentorships between 2010-2018 to youth from this sector. The academy programme is vibrant; relevant; creative and portable. It addresses history, culture, education, entertainment, tourism, entrepreneurship and jobs.

Each beneficiary is mentored to make a very significant contribution to their own, others, and community achievements in leadership and service.

Forty students are enrolled annually into scholarships with recognized qualifications and job experience. Students undertake intensive experiential, practical and academic training (900 hours) in a combined curriculum of Music, Drama, Musical Theatre, Dance, African Music, Arts and Culture, Business, Life Skills, Hospitality and Tourism. They also participate in over 20 annual professional event, performances, productions and live TV and radio interviews and are mentored in life skills, leadership and entrepreneurship.

Programme Aims

Talented, disadvantaged youth are empowered with the necessary skills, mentorship and qualifications to build successful and sustainable careers In the Creative industries. Meaningful and transformative opportunities are created in the arts, culture and heritage sector through innovative cultural; entrepreneurial and creative programmes linked to local, national and international markets and opportunities.

Programme Outcomes

Students complete a one-two year, full time qualifications programme “in the gap” between matric and entry into University in Performing Arts, Business and Hospitality. (NFQ, LEVEL 3-4). Students also work as performers, musicians and waiters or in administration, events, sales and marketing and thus have the opportunity to “earn whilst they learn”, hone their performance skills, earn an income and gain meaningful job experience whilst studying.

A 1/3 of graduates are placed or progress onto tertiary education; a 1/3 embark on careers as professionals in the performing arts, culture and entertainment industry and a 1/3 return to the academy as interns; teachers and budding entrepreneurs for further training & mentorship.

Our Vision

To be Leaders in World Class Performing Education providing youth most in need the best platform for development and transformation as future pioneers in the Creative Industries. To build confidence, skills and values in young talented men and women.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower youth through education and employment in Arts, culture and heritage. We aspire through excellence to promote national pride, the ethos of Ubuntu and instil leadership within our students to become ambassadors for human rights, dignity and integrity for the world.